Materials for Art Class

Wondering what art supplies to have handy while you're drawing, painting and creating? We've put together some basic details of art materials you might like to use when drawing and painting with Artventure.

What art supplies should I have?

Getting started is easy!

Watercolour paints

Powder based, large discs are ideal.

Oil pastels

Make sure they're oil based, NOT water soluble.

Cartridge paper

A3 is a great size, A2 is even better if you have the space. Photocopy paper is NOT ideal.

Water pot

A wider base on the pot is less likely to accidentally tip over.


Permanent Marker

If you're painting after using marker it's important you've used permanent (not water based) so it doesn't run with the paint.

Paint brushes

Large and small brushes.

Make your own!

We have a blog on how to make your own (click here) art supplies!

Budget art supplies

We have a blog on how to build your art materials collection at minimal cost (click here).

I'm getting serious with my art! What art supplies should I have?

Growing your collection of art supplies...

Art Supplies

There are lots of options and details for what to use with our Art Eye Deer lessons. Following are blog links for you.


We have a detailed blog here.

Art Materials

We have a detailed blog here.