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We have hundreds of wonderful young artists all around the world creating artworks every day. Here is a selection of artworks we've been sent, we'd love to see what you've been creating too!

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Benjaminas, 9 years


Vanishing Point

"Benjaminas loved the symmetry of the artwork and learning about vanishing point."

Matisse, 6 years

NSW, Australia


"I enjoyed mixing different shades of purple for the grapes!"

Arshida, 8 years

Perth, Western Australia


"The artist loves the girl in the picture. The girl went to the tree and see butterflies and think about future and her wishes."

Eli, 5 years

Wrexham, Wales, UK

Rainbow Shell

"I love the rainbow colours. I used felt tip pens to colour my shell because I had some brand new ones and they are really bright. My favourite colour is green."

Victoria Mai, 6 years

Sydney, Australia

Rainbow Owl

"Our favourite part was drawing the face and decorating the owl."

Beatrix, 13 years

London, England

The Starry Night

"I was a little daunted at first, as the artwork looked very complex. However, I tried my best and enjoyed the process, and I'm really happy with how it turned out. My artwork is different to the one in the video and my Mum's (who was doing it with me) in several ways, including a rectangle frame instead of a square one and a slightly different blue for the sky. Even though it's not the same, I don't think that's a bad thing! It took an hour and a half, but it was worth it!"

Anja, 7 years

Wrexham, Wales, UK

The Duck

"I wanted to paint the duck because I like the colours and I see ducks near where I live."

Jack, 7 years

Mississippi, USA

Hot Air Balloon

Loves creating!

Esther, 11 years

Adelaide, South Australia

The Starry Night

"I liked using oil pastels and mixing them to make different colours."

Alice, 8 years

Sydney, New South Wales

Popcorn the Unicorn

"I got to got use my favourite colours and my favourite creature is a unicorn!"

Ti, 12 years


Japanese Art

"Fun to do!"

Bella, 9 years

Perth, Western Australia

Country Sunset

"I had fun completing this artwork."

Ivy, 9 years

Victoria, Australia

Fauna Emblems

"I really like how it is colourful and it shows some animals and where they come from."

Vihaan, 9 years

Melbourne, Victoria

The Fantastic Kookaburra

"I like the colours, painting and bird. I painted very well without a mistake. I use different colours with my own imagination."

Katia, 5 years

Western Australia

Aboriginal Emu

"I loved choosing the colours"

Teagan, 12 years


Vanishing House

"I loved the way it was symmetrical and so I got to repeat everything again and I loved that. I also loved that I could choose my own colours. I found the vanishing dot connecting hard."

Zeke, 6 years

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Statue of Liberty

"Zeke thought it was hard to do the body. He is really proud of what he achieved as he has never done a drawing like that before."

Maya, 5 years

Perth, Western Australia

My Lunchbox

"This is my lunchbox and my new water bottle to take to school in Year 1."

Cora, 11 years

Utah, USA

Santa's Fun in the Sun

"I liked putting my own things into it. I liked adding the sunshine and seagulls. I personalized the presents with tags because I get to see my Aunt and Uncle on Christmas Day and I want to give this artwork to them."

Patrick, 8 years

Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

Cup of Hot Chocolate

"I loved my marshmallows, but the finished product made me hungry! I tried to make different shades for the table and the hot chocolate because not everything is the same colour. I also made a mistake with the hot chocolate - I accidentally did a line, but when I started to paint, I just painted on top."

Evie, 10 years

Sydney, New South Wales

Olympic Rings

"I liked using using all the colours."

Jacob, 5 years

Adelaide, South Australia


"I did not make a mistake!"

Faiyad, 8 years

Melbourne, Victoria

Banana - Continuous Line

"I enjoyed drawing the picture and painting it. It was a great idea to draw a banana." Faiyad did a pretty good job as his first attempt with this drawing, but he made the banana too thin and smudged the brown paint too much. He will fix these mistakes next time for sure.

Alfie, 7 years

Adelaide, South Australia


"We do Artventure on weekends - I enjoy doing the animal pictures the most. I liked adding the writing too."

Ollie, 5 years

Adelaide, South Australia


"When it rains we do Artventure with my family. I liked doing the shirt and I like it because it's orange and that's my favourite colour."

Brooklyn, 3 years

Adelaide, South Australia

Juicy Strawberry

"I love the big strawberry and the colours - it looks so juicy!"

Brooklyn made a mistake with one of the seeds and turned it into a squiggle instead, she said "That's okay. We can just watch Kirsty more carefully for the next one."

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