Meet Our Team







Artventure's Arty Team 


Creator / Director

Kirsty is an award winning artist and mother of 3 young kids. Kirsty has been teaching kids art classes since 2007 and started filming her lessons for Artventure in 2012. In her spare time Kirsty enjoys creating her own artworks.


Art Teacher / Blog Author

Wendy has been teaching art since 1981. Wendy has a Bachelor of Education (Secondary Visual Art), and a Master of Visual Art and Design. In her spare time Wendy continues to develop her own arts practice through research and experimentation.


Art Teacher

Sue has been teaching art since 1977. Sue studied art and photography at Teachers College and Art School. In her spare time Sue enjoys gardening, photography and travel.


Curriculum Consultant / Blog Author

Erica has been teaching since 1977 and has qualifications in reading and language education, working with children experiencing learning difficulties, and a Masters in Educational Computing. In her spare time Erica enjoys spending time with her grandchildren.