Artventure's Arty Team 

Artventure's online art lessons are presented by professional artists and teachers who've made art the focus of their careers. We love what we do and we share our knowledge so your kids, teens or students can learn the fundamentals of art. Be guided by us to create awesome artworks that you'll be proud to display, then further your knowledge by reading our free blogs here. Below is a little more about us...



Creator / Director

Kirsty is an award winning artist who is passionate about working with kids and teaching them to draw. She grew up and now lives in Adelaide but her most valuable career lessons were learned during her 6 years spent in Sydney. Kirsty worked at ArtHouse Gallery for 4 years and worked with some of Australia’s most successful artists. She left the gallery to pursue her dream of running her own kids art classes in Sydney (and later in Adelaide). Generous with her time, Kirsty has held several volunteer roles throughout the years, such as Surf Life SaverCamp Quality ‘companion’ and as an artist at Sydney Children’s Hospital creating artworks with kids in the oncology ward. Kirsty was responsible for the creation of an enormous kids mural for the Prince of Wales Hospital in the radiation treatment ward which was unveiled in 2009 and also worked as Captain Starlight at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital with the Starlight Children’s Foundation. She’s had 5 near-sell-out exhibitions, works with kids in South Australian schools with her Artist-in-Residence programs and in 2012 she created Artventure.


Art Eye Deer - Art Teacher / Blog Author

Wendy has been teaching art since 1981 and was Kirsty's high school art teacher! Wendy has a Bachelor of Education (Secondary Visual Art), and a Master of Visual Art and Design. Wendy is passionate about art and we adore her for it! Wendy writes our blog posts while continuing to develop her own arts practice through research and experimentation. She's had solo exhibitions, participated regularly in group exhibitions, and periodically participates in art fairs and festivals. Wendy loves teaching and the demonstration process with Art Eye Deer, "The possibilities for creativity, visual play, and skill development are boundless."

You can follow Wendy's Instagram here: @wendlesm


Art Eye Deer - Art Teacher

Sue has been teaching art since 1977 and was also Kirsty's secondary school art teacher! Sue studied art and photography at Teachers College and Art School. We love Sue's art lessons and her experience with teenagers is obvious with her fun ideas. In her spare time Sue enjoys gardening, photography and travel.

You can follow Sue's Instagram here: @suerandell_art


Artventure - Curriculum Consultant / Blog Author

Erica has been teaching since 1977 and is Kirsty's very own mum! Erica has qualifications in reading and language education, working with children experiencing learning difficulties, and a Masters in Educational Computing. We love Erica's passion for education and her ideas written in our blogs. In her spare time Erica enjoys spending time with her grandchildren.

Diploma of Teaching - PrimaryGraduate
Diploma in Educational Computing
Graduate Diploma in Reading and Language Education
Masters of Education in Educational Computing