Website Launch: Welcome to Art Eye Deer

Nov 21, 2018

Lift Off!

I can’t believe we’re finally launching Art Eye Deer!

In 2007 I sat with one of my best friends in Sydney and she asked me “if you could do anything in the world, what would you do?” and I responded with “I would teach art to kids all over the world”. Going worldwide seemed impossible so I started off by creating a local business running art classes in Paddington (I sold this business; it’s now called Creative Kids Co).

Teaching those kids every week in art class brought me so much joy and I could see that it was more than just a fun activity for the kids, too. Those kids were learning communication skills, friendships were forming and the self expression through art was awesome to witness. I could see that these kids were falling in love with art, just like I had as a child. For me, art was (and still is!) my happy place. Creating images or artworks with pencils, paints, collage, or anything I could find, helped me process everyday life… I suppose it was a form of therapy!

In 2012 I launched the first version of Artventure with about 25 lessons to choose from and I was surprised to find that people loved using Artventure just as much as I loved making it! Artventure now has over 15,000 clients in 147 countries with over 350 lessons to choose from. The only problem was, where would all of my wonderful Artventure students go once they out-grew the ‘art lessons for little kids’? I knew we had to forge a new path for teenagers as they became ready for more challenging artworks.

Now, at the end of 2018, we are launching Art Eye Deer and I couldn’t be prouder! With the help of two of my awesome art teachers from my own secondary schooling days, Art Eye Deer will launch with 45 lessons and grow as we continually make more lessons.

I truly believe that engaging in art can change lives. Working through mistakes in an artwork can be a very difficult and personal journey and I believe that this can translate into a person’s life. I believe that art is so much more than just creating a picture. I believe that it can help you relax or express your emotions and if we can get our feelings on paper/canvas etc, perhaps it will make us feel better inside too.

I hope you love this library of art lessons. I certainly do!

Happy arty days and thank you for supporting my passion to get EVERYONE in the world creating art.

Kirsty Shadiac

Founder and Creator