The Gift of Artwork

Apr 25, 2023
Drawings and paintings to create as gifts of art, including flowers, landscapes, faces, still life.

How often do we see the artworks created by our teenagers and young adults displayed at home…? Fridges, walls, doors, classroom windows and display boards are adorned with the artwork of younger kids. Are the pieces created by older kids hidden in visual diaries or sketchbooks or art portfolios…? Given an audience, a purpose - like Mothers’ Day, a birthday or Christmas - maybe these sometimes hidden talents can be brought to light! There is immense value in providing an avenue for young artists of all ages to present their work.  

Artventure provides art lessons for all ages - more experienced learners through the Art Eye Deer library. I myself love looking through these lesson resources and contemplating which ones I’d like to have a go at. Hopefully, as a classroom teacher or homeschooler, you can do the same - for yourself or your students! (click here to apply for a school or company LOGIN)

Thought I’d focus on artwork ideas in these more advanced lessons that may be appreciated by others -  enough for them to perhaps display ‘publicly’, at home or at work. The purpose here of choosing a lesson from Art Eye Deer is not just a chance to develop artistic techniques and skills but to create a final product as a gift. As with all our art lessons offered, adding individual touches and personal perspectives are encouraged. The suggestions below are just for starters. By browsing through the entire library, you might find other inspirational artworks besides the ones I have listed. Obviously knowing the intended audience, the person the artwork is to be a gift for, and what they might like, plays a big role. (Click here if you’d like to give ARTVENTURE as a GIFT)

From the Art Eye Deer library:

There are other BLOGS that may also be useful:

It can be overwhelming when you have a keen artist in the household. Their artworks are all treasures and precious and can tell a story of the child’s developing artistic abilities. Sometimes they want to give their masterpiece to grandma or perhaps a favourite significant other in the family. As they get older, they may become more self-conscious about displaying their art. Encouragement and positive, constructive feedback can hopefully help them share their creations. Artwork as a gift can be a wonderful way to give a piece of ourselves - a process that was meaningful for the creator, and an end result that is pleasing for the recipient. I certainly treasure the artworks I’ve received - from the little drawings my grandkids give me right through to the amazing artworks that bring life and colour to the walls at home, created by my adult daughters!

Encouraging our emerging artists can bring so much pleasure to them, to us and to those viewing their creations. They really do colour our world!

Artventure Blogger and Teacher
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