Tasting Australia 2018

Jul 16, 2018

In 2018, for the second year in a row, Tasting Australia asked Artventure to teach kids about food through art. We had over 100 kids come and join in the free activity (including the wonderful Liz Ellis and her daughter) where we created artworks inspired by our sponsors: Le Cordon BleuRundle MallAustralian Almonds, and San Remo.

Learning about food and cooking has become a popular activity for all ages, not just to provide meals to keep us healthy but also for fun! Is your child keen to become a Master Chef? Would they like to develop their skills and achieve high standards like Le Cordon Bleu? A great way to encourage kids is to allow them to help buy ingredients for your cooking at home. Have a look at the information on the product's food label to see what it can tell you about how healthy the ingredients might be, or not, for you. Discuss these things with your child to establish what might be good to include in your recipes.

Artventure is pleased to bring you this lesson for FREE! If you're new to Artventure, be sure to watch the lesson first and then replay the lesson to follow along step-by-step.