Lessons to kickstart the school year

Jan 26, 2023
Pre-school and primary school children's drawings. Fish, lollipop, family. Paint, paintbrush, markers

Here are some arty ideas to help engage children as they start school. These lessons can also help you as the educator, whether at school in a classroom or in a homeschooling environment, to learn more about your students.

We often start the year by asking children about what they have been doing over the holidays. So lessons like these may stimulate possibilities:

But more than that, art activities will allow you to identify levels of skill with hand-eye coordination and fine motor dexterity. How do they hold drawing and painting tools? How well can they use scissors and glue small pieces of paper?

While making these observations, the children can show you what they know about numbers, shapes, spacial awareness using lessons like:

When talking to the children about themselves, their daily lives and health these lessons could be useful:

To help further develop specific visual arts techniques, use the lessons in the “Tips from Kirsty” section. For example:

From these simple lessons, you can search for specific activities relating to a unit of study like:

Engaging in art activities can allow children to share their creativity, delve into their imagination, tell you about their lives, and to just enjoy the tactile sensations of using a brush, paint and water. It can be amazing getting to know them through their art.

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