Holiday Break

Dec 21, 2022
Artworks drawings paintings of holidays. Great Barrier Reef, angel fish, shell, crab, beach sunset, motorbike, starfish.

Here in South Australia, the kids are excited to be on holidays, parents are frantically getting ready for Christmas and the weather is normally hot and dry. Or… the kids are already saying they are bored, parents are torn between finding activities for them and trying to ensure Christmas celebrations are a special time, and we are experiencing fluctuating weather sometimes having four seasons in one day!

For many families with properties along the Murray River, there are far more concerning issues with the massive flooding which, for much of South Australia, is yet to peak. Our thoughts are with you and hope recovery comes as quickly as possible with support of family, friends and the community. 

At this time, children may be feeling at a loose end, or perhaps anxious. With my grandchildren, I often use the terms ‘distract and engage’. These are key strategies I’ve used in the classroom as well. It can help children of all ages to move from feeling bored, sad, angry, worried, confrontational, distressed…

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For a 'quick fix', find an object close at hand or easily accessible, that will catch their attention or something they can hold or touch or smell. In an up-beat, calm but confident voice, comment on this object - the distraction. This needs to be followed by action. Encourage them to do something with the object: take it somewhere, make something with it, paint it, fill it, share it, count more of them - the engagement. 

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With a little more planning, here are some summery arty suggestions for distracting and engaging! Learn to draw and paint with Artventure:

Once your children have created artworks, find out some of the Benefits in Displaying them. 

Or you can go to the Student Gallery in Artventure and share their creations online. 

For us, it’s summer holidays but in your part of the world it may be the winter break. I watch the global forecasts and sometimes think it’s winter here when it should be hot, and summer in places where it should be snowing! But whatever the weather and wherever you are, providing opportunities for creative distractions and engagements can help kids enjoy their time away from formal education and, guess what, they will continue to learn and develop skills while having fun - artistic skills, resilience, patience and hopefully an increased sense of self-satisfaction and pride.

Happy holidays and all the best for a safe and healthy new year.

Teacher and Artventure Blogger
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