Celebrating Easter Through Art: FREE Creative Activities for Kids

Mar 20, 2024
easter artworks for kids, jesus on a donkey, baby chick, bilby and easter bunny

Easter is a time of renewal, celebration, and reflection. Whether you're observing the religious significance of the holiday or simply enjoying the festive atmosphere, engaging in artistic activities can add a colourful dimension to your Easter celebrations. Here, we'll explore a range of FREE Easter-themed art projects you can do at home or school, encompassing both religious and non-religious themes. (If you're a member already you can view the lessons here.)


Non-Religious Easter Artworks:

1.**Easter Themed Canvas Painting:**
Set up a painting station with canvases, acrylic paints, brushes, and palette knives. Encourage children to paint scenes inspired by springtime, such as blooming flowers, baby animals, or Easter egg hunts. Artventure has series of Easter artworks, sign up for the FREE TRIAL to check them out. Kids can also experiment with abstract patterns or create their own interpretations of Easter symbols.

2. **Bunny Mask Making:**
Help children make their own bunny masks using paper plates, construction paper, and craft supplies. They can cut out holes for eyes, attach paper ears, and decorate the masks with markers, glitter, pom-poms, or cotton balls. Once completed, they can wear their masks for Easter-themed role-playing or parades.

3. **Easter Egg Decorating:**
Egg decorating is a timeless Easter tradition enjoyed by children worldwide. Provide hard-boiled eggs, paints, markers, stickers, and other decorative materials, and let kids unleash their creativity. Encourage them to experiment with different patterns, colours, and designs to make each egg unique.

4. **Easter Bunny Finger Puppets:**
Using felt or paper, children can craft adorable finger puppets shaped like Easter bunnies. They can cut out the shapes, glue them together, and add details like faces, whiskers, and clothes. Once finished, they can use these puppets to stage their own Easter-themed puppet shows.


Religious Easter Artworks:

1. **Easter Story Collage:**
Encourage children to create a visual narrative of the Easter story through collage. Provide them with images depicting scenes from the Last Supper, Crucifixion, Resurrection, and other key moments. Let them arrange these images on a large sheet of paper or cardboard, adding their own drawings or decorations to fill in the gaps.

2. **Stained Glass Window Decorations:**
Inspired by the beauty of stained glass windows found in churches, children can craft their own versions using translucent paper or tissue paper. They can cut out shapes of crosses, Easter lilies, or other symbols associated with Easter and arrange them on a sheet of clear contact paper. Once assembled, hang these "stained glass" creations in windows to catch the sunlight.

3. **Egg Carton Resurrection Garden:**
Transform an ordinary egg carton into a miniature garden representing the tomb of Jesus and his resurrection. Children can fill each compartment with soil and plant grass seeds or small plants. They can also add pebbles, twigs, and miniature figures to depict the stone tomb, crosses, and characters from the Easter story.

4. **Palm Branch Prints:**
Use real palm branches or create leaf stamps from sponges or carved potatoes to make prints. Children can dip the stamps into green paint and press them onto paper to create patterns resembling palm leaves. Discuss the significance of palm branches in the Easter story and how they are used to symbolise Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem.


Whether religious or non-religious, Easter provides ample opportunities for artistic expression and creativity. Through these art projects, children can not only learn about the cultural and spiritual significance of the holiday but also develop their fine motor skills, imagination, and sense of aesthetics. So, this Easter season, gather your art supplies, unleash your inner artist, and let the joyous spirit of the holiday inspire you to create something beautiful!

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