Artventure hits 10,000 little artists

Mar 12, 2018

Artventure grows into the next phase

Over 10,000 little artists now on board with Artventure

I believe that engaging in art positively impacts all areas of a child’s learning and boosts their confidence, motivation and pride in themselves. Many gifts come with developing creative abilities, I've seen it numerous times during my kids art classes over the years and I've always had a vision for a world where everyone can pick up a pencil and draw with confidence. I'm also concerned about the declining prioritization of the arts in general as a part of the overall education curriculum.

Arresting this decline was a key factor in creating Artventure, as I wanted to ensure children had an art resource that could provide high quality art lessons at an affordable price. An art resource that was able to be picked up by children at home, or integrated into a classroom or homeschool curriculum with ease.

18 months ago, Artventure took the next step in its mission to give as many children as possible the foundation for lifelong skills in art by launching the all new Artventure website that you're on right now!.

Since we launched our new website in August 2016 we've had more than 10,000 people sign up, in more than 140 countries, using more than 300 different art lessons and completing more than 277,000 ARTWORKS!

I'm so proud of all of those little artists around the world who are going to be different to the generation of adults who tell me they "can't draw a stick figure" and be able to continue passing on these artistic gifts to the next generations! Keep up the drawing and painting (adults too!)

There are some extremely exciting projects in the making due for launch in the not too distant future and I can't wait to help support you all in growing your artistic skills and confidence in art!

Happy arty days, Kirsty xx