5 Great Art Activities you can do while travelling

Jan 05, 2018

Travelling is such great fun, and while you’re on the road, in the sky, or on the water, it can be fun to unwind and relax with an art activity. While you probably won’t be able to bring along a full art set and all your favourite art items from home, you can probably bring along a few things that you can use to create great art projects. In this article, we’re going to explore five ideas for art activities that can be done while travelling. All of these projects are designed for all ages, meaning that kids and adults can all have fun using the same art items!

1. Pipe Cleaner Craft

Pipe cleaners can be found at most discount shops. $1 can yield plenty of art projects! Pipe cleaners are especially fun for small hands. They can be used to make all sorts of creations, ranging from flowers to animals to letters to shapes. Adults can use pipe cleaners to make creations, too! Pipe cleaners are always great to have on hand if you’re travelling with kids, as they really do keep small hands busy on the go!

2. Friendship Bracelets

With just a few supplies, you can have everything you need to create colourful and beautiful friendship bracelets. You can make these with your kids or on your own, and they can be given to friends you make along your journey. Of course, they could be saved for friends back home. At the end of the day, friendship bracelets are great to make while travelling because they are simple, fun to create and the supplies and finish products take up virtually no space!

3. Travel Scrapbook

What better way to remember your trip than with a travel scrapbook? A travel scrapbook can be easily made with a scrapbook and minimal art supplies such as glue and scissors. You can easily print photos from your phone at various locations while you travel, and stickers and other scrapbooking items can be picked up when you pick up your photos. While you’re stopped for the night, you can write descriptions of each picture in your scrapbook. Travel scrapbooks make excellent mementos that you can keep far beyond your trip!

4. Travel Map

A travel map is a fun way for kids and adults alike to document their travels. A travel map can also help teach kids about geography as it correlates to their trip. A travel map can be as simple or as elaborate as you’d like for it to be. A map can easily be printed or even drawn on paper, and the map can be colored or adorned in various ways. Stops along the way can be documented, and the travel path can be highlighted. A travel map is a great way to have fun with art while traveling while creating a souvenir that you can keep once your travels are over!

5. Embroidering

Whether you enjoy embroidering or you’ve just taught your child how to embroider, it’s relatively easy to bring along your embroidery gear to get some work done on the road. You can stitch virtually anywhere: on a plane, in a car, or on a cruise ship. Don’t bring your most prized gear along, just in case something should get lost, but bring just enough to do a bit of work. You can bring just enough materials to create one pre-planned project, or you can bring along an array of items to give you options.


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One of the best things about each of these items is that they can all be shared. Pipe cleaner creations can be saved for grandparents, and friendship bracelets can be given to friends you meet while traveling. Travel scrapbooks and maps can be saved forever as a memento of your travels. Plus, each of these projects requires a minimal amount of art supplies that can be easily carried with you while you travel. The next time you take a trip, think about making art while you’re on the go!