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Online art lessons for kids and teens


An affordable art education tool for your homeschool toobox.

 Your child will learn educational art skills while you add fresh ideas to your homeschooling schedule. Artventure online art lessons are linked to primary-level curriculum areas including English, Mathematics and Science – in addition to Visual Arts. Our video classes are perfect for last-minute lessons and your child can complete the lessons independently.

Homeschooling a secondary student? Art Eye Deer lessons are within the Visual Arts Curriculum and categorised into genres, like 'built environment' and 'portraiture'.

Supplement your homeschooling 

We know that as a homeschooling parent, you are creating a tailored education especially for your child. Sometimes, you might want an activity your child can complete on their own while you focus on other tasks. Artventure is the perfect supplementary lesson – short educational art videos that are developed by an experienced artist and mum of 3.

Support their academic learning

Research shows that children who engage in art regularly are more likely to be successful in other areas of learning such as Maths, English and Science. Keep an eye out for progress in all areas of your child’s learning!

Use technology in a positive way

Accessible from your iPad, tablet, smart TV or the family computer – Artventure is a brilliant use of 'screen time'. You can be reassured your children are engaging in an educational and creative activity, while they will feel satisfied about getting ‘technology time’.

Easy and affordable art classes

Artventure comes in a choice of 3, 6 or 12 month memberships. Your children will have full access to hundreds of art lessons in the Artventure library and the materials you need won't break the budget either. Just join up and get drawing!



For kids aged 4-12 years

Learn to draw and paint! Artventure is the best way to engage in art while growing your skills and confidence.

Simply choose an artwork, watch how it’s created and then follow along step-by-step or use the lesson as inspiration to create your own artwork!


Art Eye Deer for teens

For teens aged 12-19 years

Expand your skills and abilities! Whether you're at home or in the classroom, Art Eye Deer offers so many possibilities to engage in art while broadening your understandings and confidence. 

Simply choose a lesson to watch, listen and learn before embarking upon your own artistic journey.


"Your art tutorials are amazing!! They’re perfect for our homeschooling as I didn’t have much art practice as a child and this enables me to expose my kids to great tutoring at their level."

- Sarah (parent)

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