Start art YOUNG

Apr 24, 2017

They're never too young.

Did you know that kids who engage in art regularly are FOUR TIMES more likely to succeed in other subjects like math, science and English? That's great for primary school kids, but what about pre-school age?

By introducing art on a regular basis at a young age (the above photo is a kindergarten where kids are 3&4 years old), you're setting them up with lifelong skills in many areas. Their fine motor skills improve, their writing will improve and the best part is, there's no "right and wrong" in art so everyone succeeds!!

Here are 5 reasons to get your pre-schooler into art:

1. It keeps them busy

Any parent with little children at home knows it's hard to find enough activities to keep them happy throughout the day! By drawing, painting, colouring, sticking, cutting (the list is endless!) you're keeping their minds learning and their hands busy. Whether you set up a little station on the kitchen bench or put some paper and textas/markers on the floor (water based ones!), any form of creativity will do the trick.

2. Use their creations!

Who doesn't love a hand painted/drawn birthday card!? Keep your child's drawings and when someone special's birthday comes around, simply transform their art into cards and wrapping paper, EASY! AND you're recycling so surely that's a double win!?

3. Help them understand the world

The world is a big place and not everything makes sense when you talk about it! Get drawing with the little munchkins to explain just about anything: why we need air to breathe and it's important to learn to swim or float; how we live in one country but there are lots of countries all over the world; why we need a roof over our heads to stop things like rain and sun from hurting us ... The list is endless. I was a visual learner and there are many kids out there just like me. If your child is struggling to understand any concept, give drawing a go!

4. Learn colours

The other day my daughter had an old water bottle (see through) and she decided to dip her paintbrush into the water to change its colour. It turned yellow! Then I told her to get a little bit of blue and I asked her what colour it turned, green! My 4 year old had self taught how to mix colours!

5. It's therapeutic and fun!

Just like adults are getting into those colouring in books because it's enjoyable, art for kids is just the same. You feel good when you get into it and the results are lots of fun too. So grab some paints, pencils, charcoal or pastels ... it doesn't matter what you use, just get arty!

Have you been using Artventure and seen improvements in your kids learning too?