5 Tips for Art Teachers to Make Your Lessons Awesome

Jan 09, 2018

There’s nothing more rewarding that watching kids blossom through art. A great art class will leave your students with unforgettable memories and lessons learned. Children who explore art truly learn skills that they carry all of their lives! If you’re wondering how you can improve your class time, we’ve compiled a list of 5 tips for art teachers designed to help you make your class even more awesome that it already is!

1. Stay Organised

Staying organised cuts down on confusion and gives you and your class more time to just enjoy art. Organisation comes in many forms, so you’ve got to choose what works best for your class. One great way to organise is to separate and bag pencils, crayons, erasers, paintbrushes, and other small items that are used on a regular basis. Another great organisational idea is to create color bins for each table. For instance, you could have a green bin with all your green colors, paints, etc.

2. Consider Time Management

When you plan out lessons, be mindful of the time that each will take. Remember, the important thing is quality over quantity. Something small but thoroughly done is usually better than the opposite! You’ve only got a short time with your students, and you want to make the most of it by planning accordingly.

3. Let Them Be Independent

Art does need to be structured at times, but a good portion of the time should be dedicated to free time. This free time gives your students the independence to exercise the skills they have gained while exploring new textures and techniques. Letting them be independent sparks creativity, and that equals fun!

4. Plan Fun Lessons

Don’t worry about all the little stuff, and don’t worry about sticking heavily to technique. Planning fun lessons is the way to capture the attention of your students and get them engaged. Using themes is one great way to get your students involved. Put effort into creating a fun class time so your students will leave with plenty to talk about and look forward to!

5. Have Them Work Together To Clean Up

Art is thought of as an introspective act in many ways, and in many ways, it is. Art is also about building relationships. Not only are your students getting to know themselves, but they are also getting to know you and their classmates. At the end of class, encourage your students to work together to clean up. These moments can help build relationships and teamwork skills, as well as show students the importance of showing initiative.

Making your class awesome means giving your students something to look forward to when they leave and giving them memories they’ll carry forever. We hope this article has inspired you to think beyond the next lesson plan!